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We provide Profit Improvement, Strategy Development/Execution and a host of Merger,  Acquisition, Divestiture and Family Business Transition Advisory Services.  

Our History

We started M-One Advisors, LLC in 2014, leveraging 40+ years of experience with CPA firms like Andersen, Deloitte, Bonadio and Freed Maxick, following a 24 year career in the high tech industry with Unisys Corporation. 

In both our Buyside and Sell Side practices, we operate out of our Florida and Upstate New York offices as well as serving the Atlanta and Baltimore markets. Our practice is global in nature,  leveraging several networks to gain global exposure for our clients.

We use the CoreValue software tool to help business owners better understand the strengths and weaknesses of their business operations and how to maximize enterprise value.

Our Mission

As professional Advisors, we strive to  maximize our clients profitability and to maintain confidentially and integrity throughout the entire Merger, Acquisition and Divestiture processes. We learn what our clients exit objectives are and then work tirelessly to help to achieve those objectives, maximizing the value they receive for their company. Along the way, we help to educate our clients by providing recently published articles on thought leadership in our industry and real life examples and experiences. 

Our fees are success fee based. No transaction, no fees paid. Absolutely no retainers.


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